The foundation of Elginkan Group was laid in 1950 with an “Engineering Office” in
Ankara. This small engineering office that was established by Mr. Ekrem Elginkan
was dealing with the construction and contractual works in the field of radiator
installation, potable water conveyance line and main, dam, railway, highways
constructions. Along with the years, this office was turned into the partnership
between Mr. Ahmet Elginkan and his sons i.e. “Mr. Ekrem Elginkan and Mr. Cahit
Elginkan in 1957, the first capital letters of the father and sons are used to give
the name of a new company e.g. “E.C.A Presdöküm Sanayi Limited Şirketi”. The
company started to manufacture the sanitary armatures in 1957.
Since the first day when the company was established, the product range was
extended each year including the valves and armatures, ceramic sanitary equipments,
personal heating and cooling devices, gas-filled and electric water heaters,
white& brown goods, gray cast iron products, casting, food, construction, industrial
Elginkan Group has adopted an approach to manufacture from the raw material
to the final product so every single process from the planning to the marketing
was included in the business activities of the company.
Elginkan Group employing 3000 workers and 19 companies

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